Parents:  Penny and Wilson
Birthdate:  January 9, 2019
Dutch is on hold for
Cleveland area, Ohio
Dutch is working on house-training and doing very well.  He sleeps
overnight in his crate without whining or accidents.  Dutch is learning his
basic commands of "come front" and "sit".  
The pups went to the vet on March 21st for their 2nd puppy shot.
Although, Dutch looks smaller than his brother, at 13.7 lbs,  he weighed 2
lbs more than Isaiah. He is a very solid, muscular little guy.  As his typical
of our pups with his body type, his puppy coat is shorter than his siblings'
coats.  His coat is starting to fray which is also common.  Once he has his
first puppy clip, his coat will come in very nicely.  He is very
people-oriented and his sweet little face will melt your heart.