Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 3
Received 5/29/15
Hello Lois,
We've chosen to name our puppy Rio . He has been doing wonderful with his potty training, and has
only had a few pee accidents in the 6 days we've had him. He is very laid back and many people
have noted his good behavior . Often if I have Rio out and I stop to talk to someone, he will just lay
down and wait for me. Doesn't jump on everyone or bark much at anything.  He also does well on
the leash and is learning the "sit" command quickly. Still learning to respond to his new name and
"come".  Thank you very much for everything, we are very pleased with our new family member.
Attached is a picture of Rio in the back yard.
Link to Rio's Puppy Pictures
Received 2/22/16

Hi Lois
Just wanted to let you know that Rugby Is amazing.
He is such a smart boy. He has started teaching advanced obedience,
is off leash trained and loves to walk on the treadmill.  He is my
buddy. He comes to work with me most days and also helps socialize
other dogs.

It's not easy being a trainers dog as we have expectations. However
this boy has exceeded all my expectations.

If only more people had poodles :-)


Received 6/21/15
I finally got you another photo of Cosmo (red)
and Astro in which they are groomed and not too
muddy.  They are doing very well.  Everyone they
meet including the groomers, vets and trainers
think they are the best dogs ever.  Inside or
around people, they are calm, friendly and
obedient.  They can also be pretty wild and crazy
when wrestling with each other outside or when
splashing in the river.  They love to play football
with our 9 year old son. Our 14 year old son
feeds them and much to his delight, they seem to
worship him.
Received 8/26/15
I can't help but brag about what a sophisticated young lady Scout is! At not even 6 months old she
us, she just wants to please! Training her has been a breeze. Nobody believes she's a puppy, and
sometimes neither can I! It's like we brought her home fully trained. Her only quirk is sometimes
she's jump up and rest her head on the table, but who can complain when she has a face like that.

She loves to swim in the lake, and has recently discovered how to jump off the end of the dock
into the water after a tennis ball. Her and Jazz, our grandmother's standard poodle, love to romp
in the water. They're the best of friends. Jazz keeps her inline and she keeps him young.
She's getting spayed the second week in September, and she's getting groomed next week so
she'll look good in recovery. Her adult fur is coming in nicely but she still has some puppy fur
around her head and underbelly. Our groomer thinks her first real groom will come around 8 or 9
months. She just lost the last of her baby teeth yesterday, and she's gotten so good at letting us
brush her teeth.
Everybody she meets is smitten. She looks like a giant stuffed toy and acts like one too! She just
loves to be held, and even at 35+ lbs. she begs to be picked up from time to time. Scout is such a
dear heart with an amazing disposition. We couldn't imagine life without her. Thank you so much
for breeding such amazing poodles, it means the world to us and I'm sure to many others.

Thanks again!
The Rowes
Received 5/17/15
Scout is doing wonderfully. She has a great appetite, sleeps through the
night, and has consistently been asking to go outside to potty since about
Thursday. She went to the vet on Friday, she did really well and is in
perfect health, weighing in at 9 lbs. 8 oz. Scout has met so many new
people this week, and really had a great time of it. Yesterday she sat right
down in my cousin's lap, whom she had never met, and rolled over on her
back to fall asleep! She is such a goof and brings so much laughter into our
home. She is just the sweetest dog, we can't believe how lucky we are!
Everybody she meets is so charmed, our cousins are even thinking about
picking up one of your puppies next year once they move to Ohio, and a
close family friend who recently lost her poodle to old age wants a puppy
as well after she gives herself some time. They just can't believe how
well-adjusted and socialized Scout is, it seems like a dream!
Thank you so much,
The Rowes

Received 6/12/15
Scount had her first groom and she did wonderfully! Our groomer said she
had a superior intelligence level, but of course we already knew that. She's
quite the performer and already knows all the basics plus speak, whisper,
play dead, and sit pretty.
She's fully potty trained, and boy has that bell you gave us been a life saver!
Scouts new favorite hobby is chasing the waves at our Grandmother's
house. She's a future swimmer for sure! She's such a sweetheart, we're so
lucky to have her. I've spending some time at the beach.
Received 2/7/16


Can't believe Scout is a year old next month! Seems like just yesterday I
opened your email saying she was born. She's doing wonderfully. She just
finished her second obedience class and starts her third next week. We're
planning on agility training this summer, who would've thought?? Her trainer
suggested it since she's smart, strong, fast, and has amazing focus.  Scout
has a really strong hunting instinct so her biggest struggle is controlling herself
around water fowl and squirrels, but she gets better everyday.  She's about
42 lbs, but still loves to cuddle all the time. She's honestly one of the sweetest
dogs we've ever known. She's sleeping with the toy you gave her while she
leans up against me as a write this. She also has enough sass to keep us on
our toes We may have spoiled her a bit, but she's worth it. I've added some
pictures, mostly before her most recent groom. She was shaved down
because the snow gave her matts in her paws. But its okay, we already had a
few doggy outfits purely for fashion, now we can use them for function.

Thanks for everything!