Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 4
Received 3/24/13
Good Morning Lois,

My wife took this picture last night of Chloe Lu, which she has been
responsive to Chloe rather quickly. This spot in our sun room seems to be her
favorite spot for laying near Susan and I while having our morning coffee. My
wife was surprised when I brought Lady home yesterday, at first , not too
sure she wanted a puppy, but quickly warmed up and begin planning where to
place her cage and food dishes etc.
Chloe spent the night in her bed very well, not a peep out of her, from bed
time at 11:00 pm until we pulled her out at 7 am to go outside. She loves her
food, chowing down like she needs to eat it before her mates eat her share.
Also, we will be calling you this week to set up with you the best time to drop
off Chloe before we leave for SC next Monday morning for the week,
returning the 7th of April.

Thanks for all,
Received 5/13/15

Ivy continues to grow. She is feisty and
We think she has doubled in size! She has an
appointment with the vet on Friday. At the last
appointment, the vet commented on her fine
bone structure and bite.

We take her on a half mile hike each evening
before bed, then she sleeps until 6:00 a.m.

We adore her. She is so loving. Thank you for
such a wonderful puppy!

Received 6/16/15

He is doing wonderful and so is my son!!!

The puppy's new name is the super hero my
son adores-Flash!!

Already flash is doing great with potty training
and walks wonderfully beside my son!

I'm so excited for the future with him.
Received 2/10/15

Hi Lois - just want to let you know what a great
dog Rosie is turning into.  We drove to Florida
in January and she was a great traveler.  We
found a dog park and she had a wonderful time
and held her own!  She loves outside and the
snow - I believe "come" is completely
understood but not heeded when she is having
fun - working on it!


Received 12/12/15
Hi Lois,
Sorry we have been so long in writing you, but wanted to let you know how
Joey (Johhny) is doing.  He is wonderful!  He brings a smile to our faces all the
time.  He has the best personality and is so smart we love him to death.  FYI -
a couple of months ago started taking him to Von Lindsfarne Kennel in Seville,
OH (www.germandogs.com) for obedience training.  Now he is in
advanced...the owner, Michelle loves him - she says he is so smart and just a
really, really nice dog.  She wanted to know where we got him from so giving
her your website.   She said she would like to refer any clients who were
interested in a standard poodle.  Joey is the first standard she has ever worked
with and she has been training since 1985.  Just a reminder, he was born
9/11/14 - so far his weight is 48 lbs and he is about 24" at the shoulder - not
too tall but not too small.   Attached a picture of him with our other dog Lizzie
who is an 11 year old corgi/jack mix.  On the most part Lizzie likes him but he
does tease her some and she has to put him in his place. Also as you can tell
from the other picture that he thinks he is a lap dog.  Over Thanksgiving we
went to Minnesota to visit my sister and brother-in-law and Joey & John hit it
off. Well - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!
Wish you all the best..

Received 5/14/15

Hi Lois
Hope everything is good with you. I was checking out your
new puppies. They Are Too cute. Charlie is doing really well.
He has two more classes to finish before he goes for his
good citizens test. We are keeping our fingers crossed lol.
As I was typing this he was digging a hole in the yard. You
have to love him. But in all seriousness he is mostly a good
boy . I will try to keep you updated more frequently. Thank
you again for our boy. We love him dearly. Take care.

Received 5/2/15