Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 5
Received 11/18/14

Good Evening Lois,
I just wanted to take a moment to share a few photos of
Birthday on Sunday:)  Could he be any cuter?  This boy of
ours is ornery but also unbelievably smart, energetic but
abundantly affectionate!  He has brought so much joy and
laughter to our home and we all look forward to many more
years of his silliness and unconditional love!
Hope you and your family have a beautiful holiday season:)

Received 9/15/15/

Hello I know it has been a long time but here is the latest
picture of Daphne, she is one happy dog! She enjoys the
dog park everyday& running out in the country @ my parents.

Received 10/8/14

Daphne is doing great she's really got her own personality.lol
Boy does she love to run&play!

Received 5/6/14 - Pictures of Daphne only; No Message
Hi Lois-
We got Otto (Oliver) from you in
April 2011. I wanted to send you
a photo of our wonderful boy. He
is such a great part of our family.

Happy Holidays!


Hi Lois,  Howard family here.   We wanted to
send you an update on the first year with Sierra
formally (Jersey).  Sierra has turned into such a
beautiful dog.   Sierra has been such a
wonderful addition to our family.   No matter
where we go people comment on how beautiful
our dog is.  We continue to feed Sierra Life’s
Abundance do food  and all of her routine visits
to the doctor have been positive.   Thank you
for giving us such a wonderful dog with a great
demeanor.   Hopefully we will be contacting you
for number two shortly.  Please see the picture

Thanks again,  The Howard Family!       
Puppy Pictures
We now take Maurice to the vet you use , North Canton Vet ...
Anyway ... Could you watch Maurice next month for 2 nights ?...
October 21 and 22 ... Let me know .....
Also Maurice is a perfect dog but he needs to be trained to walk on a leash....do
you train dogs?.. Or can you recommend a good trainer ... Maurice is so smart ... I
know he will be a fast learner .....
I met a lady in the TREMONT area that has one of your dogs ... He was a light
apricot ... I forgot his name ... It began with a P ....She loved your dogs also .... She
had another standard poodle but not one of yours ....

Anyway .... Let me know about October etc ....

Received 2/22/16
Just wanted to let you know that Rugby Is amazing.
He is such a smart boy. He has started teaching advanced
obedience, is off leash trained and loves to walk on the
treadmill.  He is my buddy. He comes to work with me most
days and also helps socialize other dogs.

It's not easy being a trainers dog as we have expectations.
However this boy has exceeded all my expectations.

If only more people had poodles :-)