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Breeding Quality Puppies since April 6, 2006
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Breeding Quality Puppies Since April 6, 2006
Standard Poodle Puppies
Breeding Standard Poodles beginning in April 2006.
We received a video link from the family
of one of our 2011 puppies, Bonnie, who
is trained as a Service Dog.  To watch
Bonnie's video, please click her picture
My pleasure, Lois.  Glad you enjoyed it.  She
worked at Cardinal Hill Hospital this afternoon in
Lexington, KY.  We go every Thursday to the
Hospital and work with a Therapist and a TBI (or
helps perform) whatever motor skills the patient is
injuries, etc.  There are 4 other dogs that also work
each week and it is a fairly new program; we were
able to get in on the ground floor so to speak.  

John F.

who is mother to our May 11, 2019  litter.  
We received this newspaper article about
Haley, one of our pups from 2011. When I
emailed John to thank him for the article, he
sent an email with an update on Haley's
Therapy work:
Link to More Information about Haley's
Therapy Work
As in-home breeders of quality Standard Poodles since April, 2006, Sonne's goal is to provide
healthy, balanced Standard Poodles to families wishing to enjoy the intelligence and
temperament of this wonderful breed.  While we do not show our dogs, they boast
champions in their heritage.  We are committed to sustaining and improving the quality of
the breed by maintaining a low COI in the puppies we raise.

Our puppies are available to join their permanent families beginning at the age of 8 weeks.  
However, we specialize in providing older, trained puppies.  We work with our puppies on
house-training and crate-training.  We also start them walking on a leash at the age of 10-12
weeks.  We also work on learning their basic commands of sit, lay-down, off, and come-front.
Word recognition by the age of 12 weeks usually includes "No, Quiet, leave-it, bed,
outside-potty and excuse me (asking them to move so I can walk through). Many of our
puppies become therapy dogs for a member of their permanent family.   Others go into
training and become therapy dogs who work outside the home. My focus as the "pre-school
teacher of the puppies"  is to do what I can to provide puppies that are candidates for further
training as therapy or service dogs.  Families who are simply looking for a great family
companion are also very pleased with the good behavior of a puppy who is calm, loving,
intelligent and people-oriented.

I no longer dock the tails on my puppies.  I feel that the holistic trend toward the natural
length tail is in the best interest of the pups.  The tail serves a functional purpose and is
actually an extension of the spine.  It is used for communication, for balance and aids the
dogs in elimination.  Additionally, it is absolutely adorable.

Please see our FAQ web page for more information and pricing.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please either email or call me.  I do not have an
application but do like to hear some details about you & your family when you inquire about
our puppies.  We are available for scheduled visits during the week.  On Saturday and
Sunday, we schedule visits throughout the day from 11am to 5pm.

Thank you for your interest.
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