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Sonne's Beauty Lady Khaleesi

Khaleesi was born on September 9, 2014.
She has a COI of 2.1% (10 Generation)
We received a video link from the family
of one of our 2011 puppies, Bonnie, who
is trained as a Service Dog.  Bonnie has
the same parents as Khaleesi.  To watch
Bonnie's video, please click her picture
My pleasure, Lois.  Glad you enjoyed it.  She
worked at Cardinal Hill Hospital this afternoon in
Lexington, KY.  We go every Thursday to the
Hospital and work with a Therapist and a TBI (or
helps perform) whatever motor skills the patient is
injuries, etc.  There are 4 other dogs that also work
each week and it is a fairly new program; we were
able to get in on the ground floor so to speak.  

John F.

Note:  Khaleesi's father, Shiloh, is grandfather to
We received this newspaper article about
Haley, one of our pups from 2011. When I
emailed John to thank him for the article, he
sent an email with an update on Haley's
Therapy work:
Link to More Information about Haley's
Therapy Work
Sonne's Shining Star Shiloh
Sonne's Divine Duchess
Khaleesi's parents are Duchess and Shiloh:
Sabrina and Sampson: