Sonne's Leading Man Bogart

Bogie was born May 25, 2013.  
Bogie is a healthy guy at the age
of 7 years.

Bogie's parents are Savannah
and Charlie Brown.  Savannah
was a healthy girl all her life.  
She passed in September 2018
at the age of 13 1/3 years.  
Charlie Brown is 10 years old
and lives in Florida.  He is a
healthy guy and is retired.
Sonne's Serene Lady Serena

Serena is retired.  She was born on
December 22, 2010. At 10 years of age,
she is a healthy lady.

Serena's parents are Suki and
Sampson.  Suki was born January 25,
2008.  She is retired and at age of 12.5
years is a healthy lady.  Sampson was
a  healthy guy all his life.  He passed
in September 2018 at the age of 13 1/2
Sonne Standard Poodles
Located Between Canton and Hartville in Ohio
Phone: (330) 232-4738
Sonne's Serene Lady Arya

Arya was born on March 4, 2015.  
She has a COI of 1.3% (10 Generation)
Arya's parents are Serena and Bogie________________________________________________________