Parents:  Willow and Sheldon
Birthdate:  September 6, 2020
Weekly Weights & Updates
Willow and Sheldon
12.2 oz
13.8 oz
14.8 oz
Birth Announcement:

Willow and Sheldon's litter was born on
September 6, 2020. Willow delivered 2
boys and 1 girl in the litter. Comet arrived
at 4:10am. Lucy came next 5:50am. Dasher
made his appearance at 6:40am. .

1 Week Update
At the age of 1 week, the pups are all doing
very well and gaining weight nicely.  The
puppies do not open their eyes until the
age of 2 weeks. Their ears do not open until
they are 3 weeks.  Their sense of smell is
how they explore their world in the
beginning.  I begin holding and massaging
the puppies from day 1 and allowing them
to smell my breath and be nestled against
my chest.  They are weighed daily to ensure
that everyone is progressing.

2 Weeks - Update

The puppies all are growing very nicely.
With only three pups to share the food,
they are chubby babes at this point.
Everyone eyes were open on their 2 week
birthday.  Everyone is used to being held
now and snuggles contentedly against me
after their daily weight check.

3 Weeks - Update

The puppies continue to grow and put on
weight well.  Everyone is responding to
sound on their 3 week birthday.  They
moved with mom from the nursery into a
playpen crate in the family room.  They
have begun to sit up and take a few steps
this week.  They will be awake for longer
periods of time and begin to play with one
another instead of just cuddling.

4 Weeks - Update

The puppies had their first session on the
groom table, getting their paws and faces
shaved.  They will start eating solid food
this week.  Willow is still very attentive but
will start coming out for short periods,
feeding them less and less throughtout the

5 Weeks - Update

The puppies had their first bath and
blow-dry. Everyone was very calm and took
it in stride. They had their 2nd face & paw
shave along with getting their nails clipped.
They are eating solid food now and
enjoying the new experience.  Mom is
feeding is still feeding them but will start to
back off this week. They are enjoying short
play times in the kitchen this week.

6 Weeks - Update

The puppies had their second bath and
again were very laid back about the
experience.  They graduated from solid
food mush to solid food kibble and also
accepted that transition very well.  They
will visit the vet this week for their first
exam and vaccination.  This week they will
begin taking their day-time naps in their
individual crates.

7 Weeks - Update

The puppies began going "outside potty"
after visiting the vet for their 1st
vaccination.  They go out several times a
day.  They took their day-time naps in their
individual crates and began eating out of
their individual bowls. This week they
begin sleeping overnight in their individual
crates to prepare for joining their families.
Weight at Birth
1 lb 11.6 oz
1 lb 15.3 oz
2 lbs 0.2 oz
Weight at 1 Week
2 lbs 11.6 oz
3 lbs 6.3 oz
3 lbs 8.3 oz
Weight at 2 Weeks
4 lbs 7.1oz
4 lbs 14.9 oz
5 lbs 1.7 oz
Weight at 3 Weeks
5 lbs 10.2 oz
5 lbs 13.3 oz
6 lbs 3.8 oz
Weight at 4 Weeks
6 lbs 13.3 oz
7 lbs 4.4 oz
7 lbs 7.8 oz
Weight at 5 Weeks
8 lbs 0.2 oz
8 lbs 12.4 oz
8 lbs 15.6 oz
Weight at 6 Weeks
8 lbs 14.5 oz
9 lbs 12.8 oz
9 lbs 14.5 oz
Weight at 7 Weeks