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Group Pictures & Weekly Updates

Birth Weights

Birth Order

Siena           9.7 oz

Piper           9.8 oz

Nolan        11.1 oz

Joy             11.4 oz

Astro          11.6 oz

Spirit         11.9 oz

Darcey’s puppies began arriving at 10:35am on January 25th.  The last pup arrived at 3:28 pm.   The puppies are all solid Brown except for Joy and Siena.  The two girls have white markings on their chests.  The pups are all putting on weight nicely and growing on schedule.  Siena got off to a slower start than the other pups but is now also gaining weight daily.







Weight at 1 Week

Siena                 12.7 oz

Nolan          1 lb 0.3 oz

Astro           1 lb 0.4 oz

Piper           1 lb 1.2 oz

Spirit          1 lb 1.9 oz

Joy              1 lb 2.4 oz

Darcey is a protective, attentive mother.  The puppies continue to thrive and grow each day.  They are weighed daily.  After their weight check, I hold them, massaging them and holding them close to my chest.   I rub their paws and hold them on their back while rubbing their tummy.  I cannot pick up a puppy without kissing him or her so they become very familiar with human touch and love.

Weight at 2 Weeks

Siena           1 lb   4.4 oz

Nolan          1 lb   9.7 oz

Astro           1 lb 12.9 oz

Piper           1 lb 13.0 oz

Joy             2 lbs  0.1 oz

Spirit          2 lbs  0.3 oz

The pups moved out of the nursery into a playpen crate in the family room.  The puppies eyes were starting to open on their 2-week birthday.   Next week their ears will open and they will start hearing sounds.  Darcey continues to be an attentive and loving mother.

Weight at 3 Weeks

Siena         1 lb  14.4 oz

Nolan        2 lbs 6.5 oz

Astro         2 lbs 7.4 oz

Piper         2 lbs 7.5 oz

Joy           2 lbs 10.5 oz

Spirit       2 lbs 13.3 oz

The pups are now sitting up and taking a few steps.  They moved from the family room into the groom room.  I move them from room to room to get them used to experencing new environments.  Their ears are open and they are now hearing sounds.  Darcey continues to be a devoted mother.  This coming week, the pups will begin walking and playing with each other. 

The Girls
The Boys

Weight at 4 Weeks

Siena         2 lbs   9.3 oz

Nolan        2 lbs  14.1 oz

Piper         2 lbs  14.5 oz

Astro         2 lbs  15.2 oz

Joy             3 lbs   4.1 oz

Spirit         3 lbs  6.3 oz

The pups have begun eating solid food this week.  They enjoyed it from the very first bowl.  Darcey is still nursing them throughout the day and night.  The puppies had their first groom table experience with faces and feet shaved.  They were not thrilled but did settle down quickly.  They are now playing with one another and walking around a bit.  

The Girls
The Boys

Weight at 5 Weeks

Siena         3 lbs   4.0 oz

Nolan        3 lbs  9.1 oz

Piper         3 lbs  9.8 oz

Astro         3 lbs  9.8 oz

Joy             3 lbs   15.5 oz

Spirit         3 lbs  15.6 oz

The pups have moved out of the groom room playpen to one in the living room.  They had their first bath and blow dry.  Darcey has begun taking short breaks from them and will begin the weaning process in the coming week.  

The Girls
The Boys

Weight at 6 Weeks

Siena       3 lbs   12.4 oz

Nolan      3 lbs  10.7 oz

Piper       3 lbs  15.7 oz

Astro      4 lbs  11.4 oz

Joy          4 lbs   12.5 oz

Spirit      4 lbs  12.86 oz

The pups visited the vet on their 6-week birthday for their first exam and puppy vaccination.  They began napping in their individual crates for daytime naps.  This week the pups will continue sleeping overnight in the playpen crate.  Outside training has begun with very short periods of time due to the colder weather this week.  They are enjoying inside playtimes and are having fun with each other and the toys.

The Boys
The Girls

Weight at 7 Weeks

Siena     4 lbs   6.3 oz

Piper     4 lbs  12.6 oz

Nolan    5 lbs   4.4 oz

Joy        5  lbs  7.2 oz

Astro     5 lbs   8.9 oz

Spirit     5 lbs  10.7 oz

The pups are doing very well with crate training for their daytime naps.  This week they will begin to sleep in their individual crates for overnight sleeping.  Outside training is continuing.  They go outside first thing in the morning, then they come in to eat followed by another trip outside.  They have already learned the “Inside” command and come running to the door once I give the command.  That is followed by “come front”  (come to me) command which tells them to  come to me in the kitchen.  They play for a short period of time before tiring out.  I call them to come “bed” and they come running as they know they will get a treat in their bed.  I cover the crates with a sheet and they immediately quiet down for their nap.