Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 3

Received 1/21/16
Hi Lois,
Bob and  are so happy with Kelby who is now 1
1/2 years old in human years. His coloring is a
beautiful cream with red around the eyes, giving
him a sultry look. Kelby is still in his mischievous
years but that is what makes it fun to raise a
puppy. He is a good listener and always comes
when called in the house or on the trails down
the street from our house. We are having so
much fun with him. Everyone who meets him is
taken aback with his handsomeness. Kel is still
shy around others at first and is protective of us
but he does warm up to our friends and family.
We are very proud of him. Thank you for
breeding such a fine dog.

Received 1/16/16
Bella had her first visit to the groomer this
morning. She was very, very good. The
groomer even remarked about what a sweet
disposition she has. Also, since they have a
scale, I weighed her. She now weighs 19

Thank you, again, for such a lovely, sweet dog!

Received 2/10/16
Thank you, again, for taking care of Bella while
we were on our trip.  Her being with you and
receiving such good care truly gave us peace of
mind.  Bella is a wonderful girl and we can
hardly believe how lucky we are to have her.  
Please know that if there is anything we can do
to help promote you or your Sonne Poodle
business, we are happy to do so.


Received 12/27/15

I hope you and your family had a wonderful
Christmas.  I just wanted to let you know that
Sydney/Isabella has settled in beautifully.  She
has been such a wonderful addition to our
family and my husband adores her.  She has
adjusted so well even with all of the confusion
of the holidays. I hope you have a wonderful
New Year and will keep you posted.  Thanks
again for our new baby.

Received: 11/4/15
River is adjusting well.  Are you sure you never
walked him on a leash?  He is a natural!  
Sending a few pics…relaxing in dining room,
exploring a yard on our walk, and sitting
watching deer.  
And I am glad that there are breeders that do
not just give lip service to the care they have
put into their dogs. River is so calm and
confident and curious and playful!  It is evident
how much care and time you give your pups!  
I love him immensely!  Thank you!  Nancy

Received 1/10/16
Tula’s first night here was excellent. She is one
of the calmest puppies I have seen. I kept her
in the kitchen overnight (it is a small kitchen).
She slept on her blanket and had all her toys
surrounding her. She is eating well. Goes to
the bathroom outside when we take her. Loves
to ride in the car; once again quite calm. Now
she is chewing on a marrow bone I cooked for
her last night.
I am really pleased with Tula. I never thought I
could replace Heidi.

Received 10/12/15

Hi there. Just a quick note to let you know
that Nero’s doing very well.  He and Oreo are
best pals now and she dotes on him quite
maternally.  He’s growing nicely, is full of
character and a happy, energetic little fellow.  
We’re enjoying him immensely.  I’ll send you
some pictures soon.


Received 10/2/15
Thank you Lois for the information.  Hazel is a lovely dog.  We are enjoying her immensely.  
Thank you Lois for the information.  Hazel is a She is so smart and has been such a good puppy!

One more quick question, can I ask where you got the doggie doorbell from that we got from you?  I would really like to get another for our cottage.

Thank you again,

Received 10/3/15
Hi Lois,
Excellent!!  Yes, I would like that very much. I have been looking for a 2nd, but have not found one that I like so well. I was working with our dog trainer and Hazel yesterday.  She is so impressed with Hazel as is our vet.  She is a GREAT dog!!!


Received 10/23/14

Fabien he is such a joy and growing so fast he is keeping us busy he has had two haircuts week check up and weighed in at 10 pounds has another vet apt coming up the groomer said he is the best puppy she has ever had that sits and does so good for cutting hair we started him in puppy pre school had trouble getting him to walk on a leash but school helped that now he enjoys his walk every morning before I go to work Fabien goes to morning before I go to work Fabien goes to work with me once a week I work in a habilitation center for developmental disabilities and working on Fabien to be used to wheelchairs and noises he is doing extremely well with this and will sit on their laps so nice they get excited when he is there he is doing extremely well with potty training easiest puppy I have ever had for this at work I do not use a leash he follows and sticks right by me he is so good he continues to be a very laid back puppy except when he wants the other dogs to play with him.

Received 9/29/15

Just a quick up date on (lucky) Fabien
Shiloh. He is doing great and still a lot of
puppy in him at about 45 pounds. Working
on signing him up for obedience classes
this winter and go on from there. Tammy
still takes him to work when she can.
Fabien gets along great with his older little
brother LOL Frankie. Just some pics for
now and up date more later. Sorry for not
up dating sooner.
Tom & Tammy