Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 2

Received 8/7/15
Lois –
Olive turned18 weeks yesterday.  We are so
proud of her.  She is growing so fast that we can
almost watch her grow. 
  I just wanted to give you
an update.  She is currently 29.4 pounds and is
getting taller everyday.  She was spayed on her
16 week birthday (July 23rd) and she has
recovered wonderfully…  they also took care of
her umbilical hernia at the same time.  
She is in obedience training every Wednesday and
is enjoying the interaction with other dogs and
learning very quickly.  She has been a joy.  We
have had more smiles and laughter in our house
since her arrival.  We needed that as my husband
was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2012 and his
treatment and recovery was a real depressing
time.  This has been a wonderful change of
atmosphere. We have attached some more
current photos… (the t-shirt was to keep her away
from her stitches – it worked thank goodness)
Thank you for everything.

Received 11/2/15
I just wanted to update you on Olive’s 7 month
birthday. She currently weighs 48.5 pounds.  She
is fun, spunky and full of mischief…  Fall has been
fun with the leaves – the leaves do not stand a
chance with her on the hunt.

Here are a few photos…

Received 8/11/15

Hi, Lois,  How are things with you?

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a product
manufacturer.  About 2 years ago I was
searching for a way to transfer Gracie’s tags
over to another collar more easily.  I ran
across “Links-It”.  I now have several colors
and highly endorse it.  

Well, lo and behold, they contacted me
yesterday and they are now using Gracie’s
picture on their web site’s homepage!
Gracie continues to bring me MUCH joy!


Received 9/13/12
Hi, Lois,
Hope all is well with you & your family. It’s been a while since I last spoke to you. My oldest son & family bought a new home in Stow at the end of April. They have a beautiful, fenced in back-yard now so whenever I travel and can’t take Gracie with me, they watch her. It works out well because I watch their Max (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) for them when they go on vacation. Gracie is doing GREAT! She is the absolute LOVE of my life! Sometimes I forget she is a D-O-G because I tend to think of her as the daughter I never had (I raised 2 sons!) Gracie has had a busy summer! She has been swimming in the pool, visiting a local winery. In August she took her first road trip to Piqua , OH where she met Peter Noone, of the 60’s group Herman’s Hermits. Peter loved her and called her Shelly Fabares (the movie star)! It is hard to believe that Oct. 11th my big girl will be 2. I can’t imagine life without her!


Received: 8/15/15
Hi Lois-
My name is Lisa, I am Jason’s wife. We bought Bran (now known as George) from you a couple of weeks ago. First things first, he is truly the perfect dog! He is so mild mannered and friendly, and unbelievably intelligent! It’s hard to believe he is just a puppy with how well he responds to me! I just got back from taking him on an off leash walk at the (large but fenced in) dog park and he has zero flight risk— always comes when called and can snap out of any distraction with a simple snap of my fingers and a “let’s go”. He’s so “polite” to the other dogs, big and small. He was able to loose leash walk from his very first walk with us… I’m not usually one to write reviews online or really ever gush about purchases, but I had to email you to tell you how truly wonderful he is. He fits in very well with our family and is such a joy in our lives. We did end up buying him a new collar and Jason mentioned to me that you were hesitant about sending the one he had on (it has peace signs on it), so I was wondering if you’d like to give me your address and I can mail it back to you? Also, thanks again for the bells, he uses them regularly and it’s such a good idea. I included a picture from after his first grooming a couple days ago. We get so many compliments on how pretty he is!


Received 3/5/2016

Hi Lois!
We are still looking to add a poodle to our family. We are looking for a small standard girl, and saw
that you still had Kera available. How big do you expect her to be? George is doing very well– over
60 lbs now! We love him to pieces but our next poodle we’d like to see a little smaller.  
When will she be ready to come home?

PS- I’ve started grooming George at home now! Here is a picture of him from his most recent
groom. Looking sharp!

Note:  Kera is now Rosie from Farah’s Feb. 2nd litter.  She will be joining her family on March 28th.

Carman sent along

Recieved 7/13/11

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. It looks like a wonderful place for your family and the puppies. I’m sure you are excited about moving! I wanted to send you a few recent pictures of Siena. She is now 35 lbs., so she is a little small for a standard, but I think she is a great size! We have her professionally groomed every 6 weeks, and the groomer has always said how much she enjoys Siena. Siena loves all the usual things that any other dog loves….walks, playing outside, swimming, playing with our other dog, grooming, petting, etc. She is such a joy to have with us. My husband and I became proud parents of a beautiful baby girl 8 1/2 months ago. Her name is Briella Siena and Briella can’t get enough of each other. Siena always has a watchful eye over Briella, both in the house and outside. Siena walks beside the stroller when we go on walks through the neighborhood. Briella cracks up laughing when Siena runs, swims, or when she gives Briella kisses. They both have pool floats that they use in the pool, but when we take Briella out of her pool float and hold her in the water, Siena starts to bark, jumps out of her float, and will swim to Briella. She definitely keeps a close eye on Briella. I hope your have a smooth transition with your move. Enjoy the pictures! :-)Kindest regards, Carman

Received 8/8/12
Hi Lois,
I wanted to send you some current pictures of Siena. As you can tell, she enjoys swimming and playing with our daughter, Briella. Briella will turn 2 in October, and Siena will be 3 in September and they are almost inseparable. Siena is such a GOOD DOG with our daughter.

The attached pictures are of Briella and Siena playing together in Briella’s little house. It is comical to watch them together in the house. Siena sometimes escapes through the window! We allow Siena to swim with us in our pool. There hasn’t been a time this summer yet in which she hasn’t been in the pool with us. Siena acts like a lifeguard over our daughter in the pool. The pool is a great workout for Siena when it was too hot to walk her.

Hope all is well. The pictures of your new house look great!

Kindest regards,

Received 9/25/15

Just wanted to give you an update on our girl
Siena (Sabrina 2009 liter). As you can see,
she still loves to swim. She spends more time
in the pool than anyone else in the family.
When our daughter is in the pool, Siena is
always close by. Siena turns 6 next week and
is as much of a joy to have in our family now,
as she was the day we brought her home. Our
daughter loves playing with her during the day
and cuddles with her in the evenings.

Kindest regards,