Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 4


Hi, Lois –

Just wanted you to know that Christian is  a wonderful addition to our household.  I had him groomed yesterday, and he looks so handsome.  Here’s a before & after photo


Received on 7/10/2016

“I am one year old today!”

Isn’t she cute?  We just love her so much!

Received 7/4/2016

Hi Lois!
I am one year old today! Look what Mom and Dad got me for my birthday!  My own soft blanket and more toys!  They tell me I am the best boy ever!  I got to watch fireworks last night from my patio.  They
were pretty but it was late and I was tired from playing with the  Grandchildren so I
laid down and rested while they watched.   They were amazed I was so calm.  They are thankful that you raised me and picked them for my family.  They love me

Hi Lois
I had a new client to training class this morning!

These two boys looked so much alike. Well the reason for that is they are both Sonne poodles.

Rugby my boy is on the left and Bentley on the right is 3. We think they have the same Dad. You really do produce some lovely dogs. Bentley is very long
legged and Rugby much smaller.

Thought that would make you smile.


Received 8-26-16

Ruger is such a great dog! He was so easy to house train and he catches on to new things so easily. He loves playing with our other dog Jozee, an older, miniature schnoodle, but he is gentle with her despite the size difference. He is great wth our baby Lily and just a joy all around! Here he is looking fresh from the groomer (who always remarks on how well behaved he is for such a young pup). He is 6 months old now and weighs 45 lbs!

Received 3/15/2017
Our girls are now four years young and absolutely a asset to our family.  Esme, alias Whitey, is a lover and quiet where Sorcha, alias Brownie is the nutcase. They are so much fun to have around. The comfort and joy they share with us is far beyond our expectations. Esme loves to watch TV, especially if dogs are involved. Sorcha is the agitator of the two. I could not ask for two better girls. Thank you Lois for gracing our family with them and letting them come over when we go on vacation. You are a gem and truly love breeding and raising these beautiful puppies. I would recommend you to anyone seeking the companionship of a Poodle.