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Parents: Sharon and Chester

Sonne's Spicy Ginger Sharon
Sonne's Elegant Charming Chester

Group Pictures & Weekly Updates

Birth Weights

Birth Order

Conner         8.6 oz

Nolan            9.1 oz

Rosebud     10.3 oz

Bailey          10.1 oz

Buddah       10.5 oz

Clifford        11.2 oz

Forrest         11.6 oz

Sharon delivered her litter on Janary 16th.  There are four boys and two girls in the litter. The first puppy arrived at 2:47pm with the last pup arriving at 7:36pm.  Sharon is a very calm and attentive mother.  

Buddha at 2:47pm

Forrest at 3:28pm

Bailey at 4:28pm

Rosebud at 5:03pm

Clifford at 6:04pm

Connor at 7:36pm

Weight at 1 Week

Connor          1 lb 0.7 oz

Bailey            1 lb 0.8 oz

Rosebud       1 lb  1.9 oz

Clifford        1 lb   2.7 oz

Forrest         1 lb  3.6 oz

Buddha        1 lb  3.8 oz

The puppies are all doing well; they are gaining weight daily.  Sharon is a wonderful, attentive mother.  Although she is protective, she does not mind us holding the babes.

Weight at 2 Weeks

Bailey           1 lb  7.8 oz

Rosebud      1 lb  12.1 oz

Forrest         1 lb  12.4 oz

Connor        1 lb   15.9 oz

Clifford        2 lbs  3.6 oz

Buddha        2 lbs  5.7 oz 

The puppies continue to thrive.  Everyone is eating well and gaining weight on schedule.  Some of the puppies’ eyes were opened for their 2-week birthday and pictures.  The rest of the group had eyes open a day later.  Next week their ears will open and they will start hearing sounds.

Weight at 3 Weeks

Bailey           2 lbs   4.3 oz

Forrest         2 lbs   4.7 oz

Connor        2 lbs   11.2 oz

Rosebud      2 lbs  12.0 oz

Clifford        3 lbs    0.7 oz

Buddha        3 lbs    2.6 oz  

The puppies are now sitting up and taking a couple of halting steps.  They have moved out of the nursery into a playpen crate with their mother.  As the week progresses they will begin playing with each other instead of just cuddling.  Their ears have opened and they are now responding to sounds.

Weight at 4 Weeks

Bailey           3 lbs   0.1 oz

Connor        3 lbs   6.5 oz

Rosebud      3 lbs   6.9 oz

Forrest        3 lbs  10.0 oz

Clifford        3 lbs    11.7 oz

Buddha        3 lbs    12.5 oz  

The puppies and Sharon moved from the family room to a playpen crate in the living room.  This allows them to learn to be comfortable in new environments.  Everyone received their first groom table experience where they received a face and feet shave.  I also run the shop vac and drop various items to expose them to loud noises.  Everyone reacted well.  This week they will begin eating solid meals.

Weight at 5 Weeks

Bailey          3 lbs   9.0 oz

Connor       3 lbs   15.0 oz

Rosebud     4 lbs   0.5 oz

Forrest        4 lbs  7.5 oz

Buddha       4 lbs 10.5 oz

Clifford        4 lbs 11.0 oz  

The puppies have bugun eating solid food.  They weren’t impressed at first but are now eating well.  Sharon has begun the weaning process and prefers to sleep overnight in her own bed.  The pups received their first bath and blow dry.  They are now leaving the playpen crate for short periods of playtime.  Their microchips will be inserted this week in preparation for next week’s vet visit.

The Boys
The Girls

Weight at 6 Weeks

Bailey       4 lbs 3.5 oz

Connor    4 lbs 11.o oz

Rosebud  4 lbs 11.o oz 

Buddah    5 lbs 4.5 oz 

Clifford    5 lbs 7.0 oz 

Forrest     5 lbs 8.0 oz         

The puppies visited the vet for their first vaccination and exam.   They very much enjoyed their visit – although a couple of them did not appreciate the shot.  They began napping in their individual crates during the day in preparation for overnight sleeping next week.  The puppy pen was set up to begin outside training.

Settng Up the Puppy Yard for Outside Trainng
The Boys
The Girls
Beautiful Day for First Time Outside

Weight at 7 Weeks

Bailey       5 lbs 3.2 oz

Rosebud  5 lbs 8.9 oz

Connor    5 lbs 12.7 oz 

Buddah    6 lbs 3.2 oz 

Clifford   6 lbs 10.8 oz 

Forrest     6 lbs 11.4 oz         

The puppies have done wonderful with crate-training for day-time naps.  They have had no accidents and settle quickly down to sleep once their crates are covered with a sheet.  They are going outside several times a day.  They learned almost immediately to come running to the door when I give the “inside” command.  They play inside for 20-30 minutes before tiring out and retiring to their “beds” (crates).  They very much look forward to the treats they receive in bed before laying down.