Parents: Willow and Sheldon

Sonne's Elegant Graceful Willow
Sonne's Burst of Sunshine Sheldon

Birthdate: November 30, 2021

Birth Weights

Elliot           1 lb 0.9 oz

Aurora         13.09 oz

Willow delivered two puppies on November 30th.  Elliot was born first at 10:38 pm.  Aurora arrived at 11:10 pm.  Due to the small size of the litter, the pups weigh more than pups in a larger litter.  They are both healthy and plump.  Willow is a very good mother and is doing well.

Weight at 1 Week

Elliot           2 lbs.  5.8 oz

Aurora        1 lb.  15.5 oz

Both pups are doing well.  They are a quiet, contented pair.  Willow is an attentive mother.  Due to the small litter size, both are gaining more than the typical weights of a larger litter.  

Weight at 2 Weeks

Elliot           4 lbs.  2.5 oz

Aurora        3 lbs.  7.4 oz

The pups continue to grow and thrive.  Their eyes began opening the day before their 2 week birthday.  I hold them daily, massaging their paws and tummy.  My grandchildren have sleepovers every weekend and very much enjoy holding and cuddling the puppies.

Weight at 3 Weeks

Elliot           5 lbs. 12.0 oz

Aurora        5 lbs.   2.6 oz

The pups  are growing very quickly and are both “chubbie buddies” right now.  They have begun to sit up and take a few steps.  Their ears are open now, they are hearing sounds.  In the coming week, they will start to play with each other rather than just cuddling.  Willow is still very attentive but will begin to take short breaks in the upcoming days.

Weight at 4 Weeks

Elliot           7 lbs. 7.9 oz

Aurora         6 lbs.  10.9 oz

The pups received their second face & feet shave.  Both were very calm on the groom table.  I use the shop vac to sweep up after their clip.  This gets them used to loud sounds.  They moved out of the nursery into a playpen crate in the family room with Willow.  This week they will begin to eat solid food while continuing to nurse from Mom.

Weight at 5 Weeks

Elliot           9 lbs. 0.5 oz

Aurora        7 lbs.  11.5 oz

The pups received their first bath and had their weekly face & feet shave.  They were very good with their bath and blow-dry.   Solid food was introduced, and both are enjoying the new source of food.

Weight at 6 Weeks

Elliot           10 lbs. 9.5 oz

Aurora          9 lbs. 9.5 oz

The pups moved from the family room to the living room this week.  They received their microchips and visited the vet for their first puppy vaccination.  Willow is still allowing them to nurse once or twice per day.  They are eating solid food 3 times daily.  

Weight at 7 Weeks

Elliot           11 lbs. 8.0 oz

Aurora        10 lbs. 2.5 oz

The pups began taking their day-time naps in their individual crates this week.  They also began going “outside potty” several times a day.  The snowstorm temporarily stopped our outside training but we will get back to it in a day or two.   They will begin sleeping overnight in their individual crates this week in preparation for joining their families.