Updates from our Puppy Families - Page 5
Received 9/28/2017
Hoping this note finds you well and enjoying the end of summer.  
Wanted to drop you a line on the joy and excitement that Hector
(from September 15 litter of last year) has brought to the family.  
He is such a loving, social, and energetic poodle.  I continue with
training and he is an easy learn.  However, at his young age does
have to work on containing his enthusiasm and avoid distraction.  
Folks quickly comment on his beauty and size (as you predicted
he is already over 60 lbs). While our daughters are in their
different cities, they eagerly await updated photos and tales of
his antics.  Loves attention or will find his own way to get it.  
Below are a few photos of the one year old.  Everyone takes
humor in one of his favorite positions - on his back!  Our
appreciation for all your early work with him and care.
Suzanne and Family

off to college.  Move in day is August 24 th. Anyway to your
question because I don't always express myself very well in
writing.  You thought Charlie would be on the small side about 45
lbs.  I'm so happy he is bigger but even if he wasn't I would love
him all the same. I'm not sure if you remember when we came to
your house to meet him but yes I did cry when I first saw him. I
still look at him that way today. He is my buddy and wouldn't
trade him for the world. This time I figured out how to attach
picture on my own.  I'm also not very good with  this phone lol.
That picture was from my daughter's graduation day in June.  
He's a handsome boy and we thank you

Received 7/29/2017

Hi Lois,

I hope you and your family are well, and that you are all having a
great summer.

Tess is just such a great girl.  She is sweet, playful, intelligent and
loving, not to mention beautiful.  We are so glad to have her as
part of our family.  I attached a picture of her sweet face as she
looked up at me while she was resting.  There is also a before
and after pic that Tess's groomer sent me when she got her first
big girl cut.

All best,


Received April 12, 2017

Olive is now 2 as of the April 2nd, 2017.  We can not believe how
time has flown and that she is 2.  What a wonderful Poodle.  She
has added so much to our lives and is entertaining everyday.  
Thank you for helping us with this wonderful dog - we are forever
grateful. Here are some pictures leading up to, and on her 2nd
birthday. One is with her “brother” our 8 year old rescue cat
named pumpkin, she has added almost as much to his life as she
has to ours ( although the cat would never admit it :) ) They are
best friends and play daily, they tease each other just like
siblings, she really keeps him active in his “senior years”.

Thank you again.

Received 7/4/2017

Hi Lois!
Happy 4th of July!
River is just chilling with us on his second birthday!  Such an
amazing boy!
God bless you and your family.
Larry and Nancy

Received 12/20/2016

Hi Lois, It's hard to believe is a year since Ashley & Sadie
became part of our family. They've been a joy, Ashley is a sweet
protector, loves people, and loves to comfort people, Sadie is a
sweet tom boy who loves to play, loves things that fly, birds,
planes, butterflies,ect..  loves to play ball. They are quite to
opposite, but both are special in their own way. We just love
them both. Here is their current picture, Ashley is much bigger
than Sadie. Sadie is going to be petite and Ashley has some
many mannerism of our late Lacey, I often call her Lacey
because she looks so much like her. Hope all is well, Merry

Received 10-11-2017

Everything is going very well! Our trainer is already very
impressed, Eevee got to have the experience of visiting an
advanced class last night and she did better than some of the
students there. Once again thank you for everything.