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Born November 3, 2011

Haley has joined

Dr. John Ferguson & family in Kentucky.

Haley has been certified as a Therapy Dog. Dr. Ferguson keeps us updated about all the wonderful work Haley is doing.

May 3, 2013

Hi Lois,

I almost have forgotten to tell you—Miss Haleyis now a certified Therapy Dog, Inc. (TDI). They are a national organization headquartered in Cheyenne, WYO., with testers and observers located throughout the USA and Europe. She completed the final phase of her testing and medical facility visits on April 21st in Lexington, KY.  My next goal for her is to train for the READ Program.  (Reading Education Assistance Dog). She currently is going to the Public Library in Richmond, KY twice a month; but the READ program will certify her to work in the school settings and with specific children in a 1 on 1 basis. I do have to tell you, though, she is a bit of a clown. Initially, she is a bit shy, but then she warms up to people and likes the spotlight.  Thank you for such a wonderful, healthy dog!

Dr. John Ferguson

May 3, 2014
Hi Lois!
Haven’t written in a while.  Haley is doing great.  I
enclosed this pic from the Richmond Register
Newspaper from Friday, May 2nd.  She was on the
Front Page, along with other dogs that are doing a
“Destress Event” at the University in the Library.  We
started this event last year during the last week of
each semester, right before Final Exams.  You can
go online and read the article if you wish.   She is
now almost 2 and a half years old and about 45 lbs.,
no more than that.  She’s not quite as White as she
used to be; seems to have become more beige in color.  She works Mondays, Tues., and Thurs. at various places; Wed.
and Friday’s are her off days!  
Got to go!

John F., Richmond, KY

September 25, 2014
Hi Lois,
    Hope you are well — any new litters?  Haley is doing fine!  I’m enclosing a picture of her taken in the EKU Library with one of the staff.  She is going to “work” in the Library each Tuesday for two hours in the reading room.  Students may come by and pet or visit or just “hang out”.  She will be three y.o. in November you know.  Thanks!
Dr. John Ferguson


Hi Lois, 

Thought you might like to see these pics.  Haley works with special education students every Monday — she works with them in the gym on motor skills, etc.

Best,  Dr. John Ferguson


Hi Lois,

Just an update on Haley  — you would have been proud of her!  We have been working with Special Education students at a local elementary school for over a year now.  We meet once a week and we go to the gym and work on locomotor skills and manipulative skills.  Haley demonstrates the task and the child then tries to accomplish it.  Sometimes we will have two sets of equipment set up and the student will compete with Haley.  Nov. 17th and 18th our State Convention for Health and PE teachers was held in Lexington at the Marriott.  Haley and I did a presentation on Tuesday and I am sending along some pics from the Convention and also some from our work with the children.  They loved her!

Dr. John Ferguson


Hi Lois,

 Hope you are doing well!  Any new litters?  I’ve attached some pics of your girl for you.  The faces of the patients are deliberately not shown; however, a couple of the PT and OT’s s have their full picture.  She’s a very focused worker.  Thanks.

Dr. John Ferguson


Here ya go, Lois.  Your Birthday Girl at work on Monday.


Dr. John Ferguson

Hi Lois,
  Hope you are well.  COLD in Ky. this week.  I am attaching a copy of a short article about Haley that appeared in the National TDI Magazine that is published once a year.  I just got it in the mail this week and knew you would want to see it.  I believe I shared this situation with you earlier in the summer perhaps.  Stay in touch.
Dr. John Ferguson
Hi Lois,
A pic of your girl, Haley, for you! Her newest friend, Quinn, who also works with her at Cardinal Hill Hospital in Lex., KY.  She is doing well!
John Ferguson, Richmond, KY


Hi Lois,

Haley is doing well—-she’ll be 5 y. o. in November.  Thought you might enjoy this pic of her as we met with Nursing and O.T. students at our university.  Best,


Dr. John Ferguson


Hi Lois,
    A couple of pics from our State Convention after Haley was done presenting.  She was just hanging out in the Lobby of the Hotel and “posing”!
Dr. John Ferguson


Hi Lois,

  Sending a pic of Haley after grooming today!  She will soon be 6 y.o. ——November! She has been resting the past 8 weeks—-I had open heart surgery and 4bypasses on August 15—a total surprise for me, to say the least. I’m doing rehab. now and hope to begin activities with Haley in January sometime. Stay in touch.

John Ferguson, Richmond, Ky


Hope you are well! Thought you would enjoy this pic of Haley begging for more petting! I am now in Phase III of Cardiac Rehab. and hope to resume some of out Pet Therapy visits this fall.  She will be 7 Y. O. This Nov. what a great companion and so caring & kind.
John Ferguson, Richmond, Ky.

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