Updates from our Puppy Families

Received 12/21/22


Thank you for all you did when I was a baby so that I would turn out to be such a loving family dog. My family adores me! And everyone tells me what a gorgeous dog I am!!

Happy Holidays!
Paris and Family

Received 9/29/22

Hello Lois!
I hope all is well for you! This is Stefani , I just wanted to reach out about Oli who I adopted from you back in April. I wanted to send you an update from the past few months of having him! I also wanted to say thank you again for giving me my best friend. Oli is doing great, he is a very healthy boy. He loves going to daycare and playing with his buddies and stealing my oven mitts and dish rags. He is almost done with his training program and he is such a smart boy! He hasn’t had an accident in months and listens so well (with a small hint of poodle stubborn-ness). He loves going out around town and getting pets and attention from everyone too!  
We can’t thank you enough for how responsible of a breeder you are. You provided us with such a wonderful pup and all of the extra steps you took to ensure his success went such a long way for us. I hope that you enjoy some of these silly pictures of our little guy! Have a wonderful start to this fall season and I wish you the best!

Received 8/20/21

Lois just wanted to let you know Archie is doing great! He was born to Sheldon and Lyla in April. Currently he is 18 weeks but before he was even 3 months old he could do the commands sit, paw, lay, up, down, in, come and speak. Thank you again for taking such care with our new family member! 

Received November 29, 2021

Two of our pups went to live with Adrian and Carol Scharr in Dover, Ohio. Adrian book’s was published and can be purchased on Amazon. Carol texted to give me the details: “Hi Lois. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and everyone is well and happy. We wanted you to know that Chester and Ollie have helped “Daddy”, my husband, complete and publish his first book! They spent hours laying beside his chair in the office while he wrote. They have become great therapy companions for him. His book “David of Muskrat Bottom” is a funny, sometimes sad memoir of his childhood through his school years and the Vietnam War, and his battle with PTSD – along with a philosophical bent. The boys are mentioned in the Acknowledgements and even have their picture in the book. It is selling well and has become very popular. David in the title is the shepherd boy and king from the Bible. Muskrat Bottom is a farmland across the road from where he grew up. It’s available on Amazon under the title or his name, Adrian Schaar. Just thought you would like to know your pups are a big part of his recovery – and his finishing and publishing his book! We are all very proud of him – and could not be happier with our fuzzy boys!! 🥰. We think of you often and wish you happy holidays!! Carol, Ollie, and Chester”